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Our Services

Our consultancy services are tailored to businesses of all sizes within the industry. 

We work with small family farms, large farming enterprises and supply chain businesses.

We acknowledge the individuality of each business situation and tailor our services to offer sound, cost-effective, practical advice and guidance whatever the situation.

We also facilitate Discussion Groups for Dairy Cattle Farmers, Sheep and Goat Producers.

Our services include:

Animal Health

  • Whole farm health planning- (Sheep, Goats and Cattle)

  • Full Assurance Scheme Compliance (FQAS-NI, Red Tractor, FAWL, QMS, Soil Association, OF&G, Pasture for Life)

  • Diagnostic Sampling and Training

  • Effective treatment and disease management protocols 

Grassland and Nutrition

  • Dietary formulation

  • Mineral Audits

  • Grazing Planning

  • Rotational grazing systems

  • Herbal ley establishment, seed mixes and grazing management

  • Electric fencing systems and water

  • Use of alternative browse species

Business Services

  • Business Planning and Budgeting

  • Business Bench-marking 

  • Environmental Schemes

  • Diversification Opportunities

  • Direct Selling/Marketing

Supply Chain Services

  • Sustainable produce sourcing

  • Direct advice for Businesses seeking to vertically integrate raw material supply

  • Advice on EU/UK regulations and policies.

  • Discussion Group Facilitation

To find out how we can help you with your business get in touch.

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